Is Your Renovation Contractor Covered by WSIB?

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If you are planning on hiring a basement contractor for your basement renovation project, you need to obtain a WSIB Clearance Certificate from them. Many homeowners are unaware of WSIB and what it stands for, but there are many advantages to working with a WSIB-covered contractor.

What Is WSIB?

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The Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) is the agency that provides insurance coverage for workers. In the case of an injury on the job, WSIB provides wage loss benefits, medical coverage and other resources to help the injured worker.

The Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 mandates that anyone hiring a contractor for construction work is responsible for ensuring that the contractor is registered with WSIB and has paid the necessary premiums. By producing a WSIB Clearance Certificate, your contractor proves they are in good standing with the WSIB. They also guarantee they are eligible to receive WSIB benefits in case of an injury.

Why Is WSIB Important for Homeowners?

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With any renovation job, there is a chance of the homeowner holding injury liability. This means that if a worker onsite is involved in an accident, the homeowner is responsible for their injury fees. This is exactly what a WSIB coverage prevents!

If you do not obtain a WSIB Clearance Certificate from your contractor, you may be held liable for their injury.

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A contractor’s WSIB insurance coverage guarantees you no-fault workplace insurance. As a result, you, as a homeowner, are protected against costly court settlements and receive support when you need it.

The appeal of WSIB coverage to homeowners is that it’s free and offers peace of mind because you know the contractor you hired to finish your basement is qualified to do the job. 

How Do You Know a WSIB Clearance Certificate Is Valid?

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The clearance number on the WSIB Clearance Certificate is what tells you whether the contractor is covered by WSIB. You can tell whether the clearance number is valid by checking the status of that number on the WSIB website. By simply entering the number on the WSIB Clearance Certificate, the system will inform you whether the number you entered is valid or not.

Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure your basement contractor has WSIB coverage at the beginning of your renovation project and for the duration of the work. Make you sure you do your homework and research contractors in your area before you sign any papers.

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