Surprise Your Wife & Daughter with a Finished Basement

Surprise Basement Renovation

Recent news stories detail a California man surprising his wife and daughter with a basement transformation which turned their unused area into a craft workshop. He spent 20 days while the family was away working tirelessly to create a room that features craft tables, overhead lighting, colorful walls, brand new hardwood floors and a huge walk-in closet. This story has inspired people into surprising their own families with a basement renovation to get the most out of their basements, and we’ve responded by compiling this article on how you can do just that. Here’s how you can surprise your family with a basement renovation too:

Find a Basement Renovation Company in Toronto

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Contact a remodelling company willing to invest in a project that will span a short time frame. This is particularly difficult if your family will be away for only a few weeks or days. Before they leave, contact with an architect and start to covertly plan the design of your new interior. Commit to a design and company. This means you will need a guarantee that your contractors will be able to finish the remodelling within the time-frame you have established. You will need to have already purchased the necessary materials and had time to discuss the design beforehand with architects, electricians and builders. Choose your contractors or renovation company carefully, and make sure that you get estimates from a variety of different sources to get the best price.

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Plan Your Basement Features, Design and Style

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Take into consideration what features you want to implement into the new basement. If your children are active in dance or sports, consider leaving an open space design over hardwood flooring to give them room to play and practise. Maybe you want to expand the family, and would benefit from an extra bedroom. Maybe your partner has a hobby which would benefit from a separate workspace. Maybe you want to build a home office for personal privacy. All of these ideas can be implemented within your remodel, given enough space. When designing think of any future use you might have for the basement space, and plan accordingly.

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When you begin the remodelling ensure that you have a use for furniture and elements of design within the space. There’s nothing worse than a finished basement without any furniture and other assets. This could be your opportunity to finally purchase that pool table, or home entertainment system. Remember to plan the artistic vision with elegance and modern design in mind. If you’re unsure of the style you’re going for, contact an interior designer for help in achieving the particular style you think your home needs. You might also think of consulting with an architect to include practical additions such as extra storage space, an expanded bathroom or kitchen area, or heightened ceilings.

Basement Remodeling Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

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Remember that the best surprise is one which all of your family can have a say in. Sometimes it’s best to simply surprise them with the idea of a basement remodel, rather than undertake the journey yourself. If you’re afraid your vision of the new basement isn’t perfect, remember that good things always come from cooperation between you and your family.

Make Your Dream Basement a Reality

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The best surprises come from the heart. Moose Basements is ready to help you construct that dream home for you and your family. Moose Basements is a Canadian company that can help you create and finance your dream basement. Our company offers custom basement design, finishing, renovation, remodeling and construction services across the GTA and York Region. With over 15 years’ experience in the market, our dedicated teams are composed of highly dedicated professionals ready to undertake the task of building your dream basement. We are WSIB Insured and Liability covered and offer competitive prices. Give us a call today for a free quote, and begin your project as quickly as tomorrow! Call us at 647-232-5353, or visit our website at for more information about what we can offer you today.

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