Should I Insulate my Basement?

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Many people don’t put too much thought into their basement until they realize what potential it has to be that extra space their family needs to live more comfortably. And to keep things cozy, you’ll need to insulate your basement. Not only will everyone have toasty toes, but you’ll be saving big on your monthly energy bills by increasing your home’s efficiency. Not to mention insulation can work to defend your foundation against pest problems and moisture. 

The basement renovation pros at Moose Basements have worked to put together this guide for all the benefits of basement insulation, where to insulate in a basement, and the types of insulation you can choose to install.

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Benefits of an Insulated Basement

  • Energy Conservation: We said it before and we’ll say it again—it’s time to start saving money on your heating or electricity bill. The basement plays a bigger role than many people realize when it comes to the overall temperature of your home. Cold air from the basement can rise through the rest of the home. Insulating your basement, particularly the ceiling, can do wonders for keeping your main floor as warm as you’d like it. 

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  • Money Saving: You’ll save some money on furnace repairs too because your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired temperature. It’s going to require less maintenance to keep your unit at peak performance. 
  • Increased Comfort: No more freezing feet. By insulating your basement you’re setting up an opportunity to increase your home’s livable space for everyone’s overall enjoyment.
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Should I Insulate My Basement Walls?  

Always. Insulated basement walls will not only make the space more comfortable, but it’s going to save you on energy costs and even help soundproof the area. Insulating your basement walls is always a good investment and you’ll need to have it done if you plan to hang sheets of drywall. 

But don’t confuse insulation for waterproofing. If your foundation leaks, it will cause water damage to your insulation and drywall. It’s best to properly waterproof or weatherproof your basement’s foundation inside and outside before adding insulation and drywall. Make an effort to keep track of your basement’s humidity and run a dehumidifier if you must.

Should I Insulate My Basement Ceiling? 

You can, although it’s not completely necessary. Getting yourself an insulated basement ceiling may keep your main floor warmer, however, the basement will remain cooler because you’re trapping that cold air below. If you want a warmer basement, hire an HVAC expert to install ductwork so your furnace can blow warm air directly into the space.

Should I Insulate My Basement Floor?  

If you’re planning to use your basement as a living space then installing an insulated basement floor r is the perfect solution for a basement that’s warmer and more comfortable. Newer homes will typically come with an insulated basement floor system, but you can go one step further and add an insulated subfloor and composite or carpet on top of that. 

Types of Basement Insulation  

  • Sprayed foam insulation: spray foam is the premium choice when it comes to installation. Crews will use sprayers to cover large expanses of walls and get insulation into every tiny groove and crevice—ensuring total coverage. It’s quick to harden so you can move on to the next phase of your basement renovation. 
  • Foam boards: Easy to work with, foam boards work well to keep heat trapped in your basement for longer. Use foam boards anywhere you need insulation in your basement whether it be ceiling, floors or walls. 
  • Fiberglass batting: Another great choice, fibreglass is woven together with other materials to keep your basement warm all year long. Best for walls and ceilings, you can buy fibreglass insulation in sheet form or by roll for easy installation.

An Insulated Basement Done Right!

You’ll never regret having your basement professionally finished by the experts at Moose Basements. Not only will you create a fabulous space for your family to enjoy for years to come, but you’re increasing the resale value of your home. 

At Moose Basements, we’ll team you up with one of our talented designers who will work with you one-on-one to create the basement of your dreams. Then, our crews will come to your home and make that dream a reality. 

Are you ready to take the first step towards a beautiful new basement? Contact us today to book your consultation and get an estimate. We can’t wait to work with you!