Basement Renovations Scarborough

Basement Finishing Home Upgrades and Renovations in Scarborough

Are you tired of your home’s stale and boring look? Do you have enough of the leaks in your basement? Are your old kitchen appliances still able to keep up with your modern lifestyle needs?

Remodeling can give your home a fresh, vibrant and updated look. It can also add market value to your home. Adequately designed basement interiors and modern kitchen area attract more prospective buyers. While basement and kitchen renovations can be downright expensive, these renovations can be economical in the long run.

Why House Renovations Can Actually Be Economical:

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It Is Energy Efficient

Think about the basement leaks which allow more air seepage and how that affects your power consumption. Think about your old dim kitchen which relies more on artificial lightings. Why not upgrade your basement and kitchen? Providing insulation reduces electricity. You can also redesign your kitchen to allow more lighting coming from the outside. Lastly, your outdated appliances may end up consuming more electricity so why not upgrade to more advanced and electric-saving new appliances.

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Maximize the Space You Already Have

Your basement area can actually serve you other functional purposes aside from being your storage room. Time to declutter that basement and turn it into an additional useful room. You can even earn money if you rent this additional room out. You can also be creative and turn your basement into your quiet den or mancave, or your kid’s playroom or personal exercise room – the possibilities are endless.

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Let Your House Adjust to Your Growing Needs

Is your family growing? Instead of spending more if buying a new house, why not invest in renovating your basement and adding an additional room. You can also redesign your kitchen and remove old and large cabinets and utilize the extra space. When you carefully look into it, sometimes all it takes is proper designing to allow more spaces.

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Reliable Basement Contractors

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So, are you looking for a reliable basement contractor here in Scarborough? Basement and kitchen renovations don’t need to be that stressful. The most dependable basement and kitchen renovation solution providers have arrived in Scarborough. Moose Basements is the leader in providing excellent and quality kitchen and basement construction services. We have over fifteen years of experience consistently offering our customers with the most innovative and quality products with lifetime transferable warranty. We provide comprehensive renovation solution from planning to interior designing up to the final trims.

Why a Lot of Homeowners Trust Our Services?

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Our team are experts in building and remodeling services. We only hire licensed and skilled contractors so you can trust us in providing the best quality craftsmanship.

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We understand how renovations can be costly that’s why expect us to work closely with you to meet your budget limitations.

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We use high tech and advanced products to ensure durability. We also provide modern solutions that are more convenient and offers more functionalities.

New Kitchen Installation in Scarborough

Excellent Quality Products

Our products are guaranteed safe and environment-friendly.

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Faster Turn-Around Time

Starting from the planning phase up to the very end of the construction phase we provide our customers with a clear timeline. Our contractors are skilled and highly-equipped so we can guarantee you fast results, we can even have your basement renovation done in three weeks!

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Flexible and Unique Designs

We have a variety of creative design options you can choose from. You can even customize your own and we will do our best to make your dream design a reality.

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Join our hundreds of satisfied customers. Call Moose Basements now at 647-232-5353 and schedule your free consultation now!

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