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Interior Basement Renovation and Finishing Project

Your basement should be the place you go to for entertainment, family time and alone time all at once, which is why here at Moose Basements we believe that a proper basement renovation is a key to happiness. Recent news articles showcase Kristen Bell surprising her sister with a whole basement renovation, turning her home’s old, crowded interior into a fully functioning, beautiful area for the entire family. Kristen teamed up with Houzz to surprise her big sister with a renovation to dream of. Here’s what you should learn from her basement renovation experience:

Basements Built for The Whole Family

Walk out Basement Renovation Project

When planning a basement renovation, you are designing a space that will be used by the entire family. For this reason, you need to consider the function of every space and how the family unit will use it. Take a hint from Kristen, who redesigned her sister’s basement to suit the family structure better. By finishing your basement, you can easily add extra spaces that will benefit your children, for example, an extra bedroom, playroom or entertainment space. Alternatively, you can use this space as a place away from the kids by making a home office and designating the area as something other than recreational. With such a huge potential, even a small basement can be useful to the entire family.

Clever and Multifunctional Design for Every Basement

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 In small, cramped homes in Toronto, a basement addition can be a useful way to add more living room and multi-functional variety. With little basements, homeowners often make the mistake of thinking that they need to designate an area for each function. Entertainment, work space, living area, and storage can come together to form a cohesive whole in even the smallest spaces. With clever positioning, a home theater can be placed alongside an office. Using sectional walls or curtains, you can separate areas for privacy, or build to fit. An alternative method is to use small spaces which would otherwise go unused for storage, to give yourself more room to maneuver in. Smart planning is what gives a basement renovation the potential to make the difference in your home’s layout.

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Basement Renovation – Pay Attention to Smallest Details

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The most important part of the home renovation process is always the thought that goes into how your renovation will look, and what ideas you want to integrate into your finished interior. For the best results, take the time to organize your thoughts, plan a cohesive budget and remember the goals you want to achieve in the process. As always, we recommend hiring a professional to help you with the planning process, so that you have a clear picture of what exactly will go into the architectural structure of your renovation. Even celebrities need help planning their renovations, which is why it’s necessary to remember to take time and savor the process, planning through every aspect of the possible process.

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Consider Your Costs

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As you go through the planning process and begin to shop around for contractors and renovation firms, remember to contact multiple possibilities to ensure you get the best possible price for materials and labor. This applies to everything, from actual building to materials, to wiring and electrical work. Save room in your budget for any additional costs that you may encounter, such as remedying water damage.

Remember extra storage

Shelving and Storage in Basement Finishing Project

As you go through the planning stages, consider the current state of your basement. If you have a lot of junk cluttering up either your unfinished or finished basement, your number one priority should be finding a way to store those items. Neglecting storage space is the number one mistake homeowners make when planning a basement renovation. If you have a small basement, think of the ways you could include the necessary storage space in the layout. Consider built-in storage options such as shelving units over closet space, and make use of the tiny portions of your home which would otherwise go unused.

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