Legal Basements in Toronto

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A legal basement apartment is an excellent way to make extra income to cover the cost of your mortgage. It is important to talk with legal basement contractors before you let a tenant move in. There are specific design guidelines and building codes that must be followed to ensure that your unit is safe and legal.

Moose Basements offers professional and knowledgeable advice to Toronto homeowners who want to maximize their money-making potential. This begins with an understanding of the requirements involved to ensure that your basement renovation meets bylaws.

Experts in Legal Basement Apartments 

There are so many ways you can increase your income with a legal basement apartment. That’s why you need a team of experts that will work with you through the entire renovation process to ensure you get the results you want. The first thing you will need to do is get a legal basement permit. You can apply for this once you have a design concept.

From there, we will work with you to make sure it meets all fire and building codes. There are also electrical safety guidelines and building guidelines that must be adhered to in order to get approval. We take care of making sure all of these requirements are met so that your unit can hit the market.

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Transforming Basements into Legal Apartments 

Secondary Suite Bedroom with Ballerina Posters

As we noted, you will need a design concept in order to move ahead with your legal basement approval. The team at Moose Basements can help you find the right design features and finishes to create space that falls within guidelines but is also warm and comfortable for your tenants. There are so many seniors, students, and private renters in the city who would love to have a modern and spacious place to live like your basement apartment.

So you want to develop a design that includes amenities that make it attractive to potential renters such as an upgraded kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, and place to relax. You will also have to make improvements such as fire doors, accessible windows, and service upgrades to ensure that your renters have a safe and comfortable space to live.

Benefits of Legal Basement Apartments

There are so many benefits to having a legal basement apartment in your home.

Increased income: Many people have paid off their own mortgages by renting out a portion of their home. A legal basement apartment ensures you are doing this safely and with approval from the local municipality and other safety organizations. 

Don’t have to move: A legal basement is an affordable way to create more living space without having to go through the hassle of moving. You can have family and friends come to stay with you, while offering them their own separate living space, making visits more pleasurable.

Increase the value of home: When you convert your basement into an apartment, you are also increasing the value of your home. Future buyers will appreciate a space that can be used for a variety of reasons, as well as increasing their income in the future too. 

Space for family: A legal basement may be something you only want to do temporarily. If this is true, then you have a future space that you can use to accommodate family, such as an elderly parent or other relatives who may come to stay with you. 

Vacation property: Do you rarely use your basement and would like to transform it into a vacation property? There are lots of easy upgrades and changes you can make to your basement to make it suitable as a rental property. Not only do you get to enjoy the extra income a rental property can provide, but you get to choose how long renters stay, giving you more freedom to enjoy your home, while making money too.

Trust the Basement Reno Professionals

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The basement renovation experts at Moose Basements can help you transform your unused space into a money-making enterprise. We walk you through the entire basement renovation process including the cost to build a legal basement suite to ensure that you are getting the most value for your investment. Our team is experienced. Our prices are competitive and we guarantee you satisfaction. Right now, we are offering added value for homeowners who want to create a legal basement apartment. Have your unit built including engineer services, drawings, supply, egress windows, materials, and permit acquisition for just $99.99 per square foot. This promotion applies to basements that are 750 sq ft and up.

Contact us today so we can start working on your next project. We will provide you with a free and transparent quote, so you can feel confident knowing you are getting exactly what you want at a price that fits your budget.

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“Moose Basements has now created the space we desired since we moved to this house 5 years ago. We initially wanted a new space for our newborn, and a playroom in the basement was a priority. The team at Moose Basements have given us the initial evaluation and created a plan for finishing our basement with additional space for guests. They did a great job!”

-Marie Schwartz, Thornhill.

“If you’re looking for a reliable contractor to finish your basement, Moose Basements is the company to call. They bring character to each room, and we love our newly finished basement.”

-Danica & Mark Patterson, Vaughan.

“Basement was leaking, got it fixed and waterproofed with Moose Basements. They are experienced and punctual. Thank you for great work.”

-Andrey Makarski, Vaughan.