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When looking to remodel your basement, you might run into some hard choices with storage space, décor planning and how to divide up the current floor plan to suit the needs of your entire family. This is where Moose Basements comes in. Without help, you can create unique solutions to the problems you might encounter along the way such as how to please your children, what to do with that space under the stairs, how to decide whether to add an additional bedroom, etc. For your convenience, we’ve assembled some creative ideas that will allow you to turn your basement into a unique space the entire family can share. Featuring storage solutions, clever design ideas and much more, the following is a treasure trove of ideas:

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Use the Space Under Your Stairs

You are most likely immediately picturing a closet, but that’s not all you can do with this tiny sliver of space. Use this slot as shelf space, an extra spot to place a comfortable seat, desk or mattress. Many people have used this spot as a tiny reading nook by inserting a comfortable mattress and a handful of pillows inside. Similarly, you can turn this spot into a tiny clubhouse for your children. Imagine their joy at having a place of their own to play; no adults allowed. When they grow too big to fit, use the area as storage or any of the previous ideas.

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Industrial Look for Your Basement

If you’re a fan of the industrial look, or just want to save some money on construction, consider leaving your basement partially unfinished and embrace the industrial aesthetic. Exposed pipes, concrete floors complemented with a large area rug and unfinished ceilings work together to create a unique aesthetic that this stylish, and cheaper than a full renovation. Our style experts recommend painting exposed pipes on ceilings a uniform colour, and covering any concrete flooring with a large surface rug to add brightness into the area. If you are not satisfied with the way your partially finished basement looks, consider covering ugly walls with curtains to complement your style. Use this trend to your advantage by saving some money on basement renovation and create some wonderfully unique designs.

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Your Laundry Does Not Have to Be an Eyesore

While you might think that the large, bulky laundry machines can never fit into an open space basement concept, the reality is the exact opposite. Integrate your laundry room into the open format of your basement should you lack room by accessorizing well, and using smart storage solutions to hide laundry machines within shelves, behind curtains or behind a well-placed door.

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Get in On the Stone and Tile Trend

So many gorgeous designs are now based on the use of stone, brick and tile in the basement. Leaving a single wall made of the original brick surface can add variety and texture to your basement interior. Use glass accents to highlight the craftsmanship behind your interior design or lay stone tile in various patterns where you want to draw the eyes. Many people are using brick or stone to create interesting bar alterations, or are simply placing warm rugs over stone tile on the floor to create interesting visual variety. See our portfolio for excellent examples of this beautiful trend, and how you can incorporate tile, stone and brick into your basement. View our portfolio

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Construct to Suit Individual Needs

Combining the best of all worlds is a difficult endeavour, but who says you have to settle for a single function or aesthetic? Some easy, elegant solutions to dividing your basement up into sections for everyone are right at your fingertips. For example, if you’re afraid to move forward with actual construction you can always put up temporary walls or divider to create separate rooms without investing in erecting walls. Temporary dividers give you the same illusion of privacy but do not necessitate investing in permanent structures you might later want to get rid of. Pair high style with entertainment variances so that everyone in the family can have a little bit of something for themselves within the newly renovated basement. A pool table and bar setup might conflict with your wife’s wish for a workspace, and who says you can’t use every inch of space to it’s full potential and design an interior in which both will be viable?

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This is where Moose Basements comes in. Our architects and interior designers will work with you to get the most out of your potential basement renovation. With a wealth of ideas such as these, we will ensure that you and your family get the most out of your basement space.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and will use them to your advantage when planning your basement renovation. Our creative experts at Moose Basements can help you find ideas for interesting, unique and creative basement renovation ideas and techniques, and we’re just a phone call away.

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