Amazingly Creative Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement Finishing Home Upgrades and Renovations

If you’re struggling for ways and ideas to use in your basement renovations, look no further. The internet is a treasure trove of pictures and trends you can capitalize on if you know where to look. Our creative experts here at Moose Basements have accumulated a wide assortment of interesting remodelling ideas so you don’t have to spend time searching. These basement interiors caught our eyes for a unique spin on the classic basement interior. See for yourself:

Basement Renovation Ideas, Classic Man Cave

A Classic Man Cave

Featuring a pool table, bar and home theatre incorporated into a classic stone and wood interior with pot light accents and plenty of leg room. If you’re looking for a way to glam up that entertainment space, opt for an open concept design that will allow you to host the best parties, or spend comfortable Sunday nights watching movies with the family. If you’re worried about your entertainment space being classy, incorporate elegant elements such as streamlined hardwood flooring, concave interiors and low hanging lights above the bar area. For extra modern class, opt for a wall-mounted electric fireplace.

Brick Wall Installation in Finished Basement King City

Incorporate Brick into Your New Interior

The newest trend in interior design is incorporating rustic, industrial elements into a classic interior. Wall mounted brick works well in areas where a simple wall would feel boring, or too simple. Similarly, laying wooden boards within your wall is another excellent way to spice up an otherwise mundane aesthetic. Pair your brick or wood with other rustic elements such as rough wooden furniture or classic rugs and throws.

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Hi-End Kitchen Basement Renovation

Time to Build an Extra Kitchen in Your Basement

Whether your upstairs kitchen is too small or you’re thinking of renting out your basement sometime in the future, you can always add another kitchen to your downstairs space for convenience and ease. Incorporate a bar and stools into your design for an excellent place for parties, cooking or just extra storage. Check out these pictures of unique kitchen ideas, and the way a kitchen area can be placed seamlessly within the basement and bar design. Talk about a real place for entertainment.

basement renovations richmond hill

When in Doubt, Carpet It Out

While carpet is the most inexpensive option for basements, mould and moisture can make it a problem. Instead, incorporate plastic coated laminate, or modular carpet tiles for easy cleaning and replacement. You can use hard flooring to your advantage in creating a place for yoga, sports and dance, or a play area for your children.

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Home Entertainment Area in Basement Finishing Project

Get the Big Screen Vibe in Your Home Basement

All you movie lovers will appreciate this interesting idea. If you have an unused wall, mount a projector into your ceiling and use that wall as your television screen. With a huge screen right in your basement, you won’t ever have to go out to the movies again. In basement areas with little room for additional furniture or television stands, this is also a great way to conserve space while creating the entertainment area of your dreams.

Luxury Basement Entertainment Area Large Open Space

We hope you enjoyed these ideas and will use them to your advantage when planning your basement renovation. Our creative experts at Moose Basements can help you find ideas for interesting, unique and creative basement renovation ideas and techniques, and we’re just a phone call away. Feel free to visit our website for more great ideas such as these! Moose Basements is a Canadian company that can help you create and finance your dream basement. Our company offers custom basement design, finishing, renovation, remodeling and construction services across the GTA and York Region. With over 15 years’ experience in the market, our dedicated teams are composed of highly dedicated professionals ready to undertake the task of building your dream basement. We are WSIB Insured and Liability covered and offer competitive prices. Give us a call today for a free quote, and begin your project as quickly as tomorrow! Call us at 647-232-5353 for more information about what we can offer you today.

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