Luxury Basement Entertainment Area Large Open Space

Basement Renovations: All You Need to Know

Basements are one of the most highly valued rooms in homes because they are so versatile in use. The average homeowner is choosing to invest in their basement to transform it into a space that best suits their family’s or future tenant’s needs. Basements, once traditionally used as storage spaces, have become entertainment rooms or…

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Luxury Basement Renovation Scarborough

Convert Your Basement into a Basement Apartment

If you have been thinking about transforming your basement into a functional space that not only makes the most out of it but also brings you some additional income into your household, then a basement apartment may just be the right fit for you.

Ontario Homeowners Can Now Qualify for Energy-Efficient Rebates

In case you needed a good reason to renovate your basement, well, now you have it! Enbridge Gas is offering rebates on energy-efficient upgrades, where you can receive cash back on your renovation project. This Home Energy Rebate (HER) incentive is a win-win situation. Here’s how.

Basement Framing Before Renovation

Should I Finish My Basement?

An unfinished basement is often wasted space that you avoid going in. However, having a finished basement in your home can provide many benefits that you may not even consider. Imagine having a finished basement and being able to go down there and work out in your personal at-home gym. Or better yet, create the…

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Basement Contractor

Is Your Renovation Contractor Covered by WSIB?

If you are planning on hiring a basement contractor for your basement renovation project, you need to obtain a WSIB Clearance Certificate from them. Many homeowners are unaware of WSIB and what it stands for, but there are many advantages to working with a WSIB-covered contractor. What Is WSIB? The Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)…

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Basement Living Area Richmond Hill

Basement Insulation

Keeping your home warm during the winter months is a priority for homeowners. With basements accounting for roughly 20% of a home’s total heat loss in many cases, proper basement insulation can save you a lot of money. Heat tends to escape through basement windows, cracks in the walls, and in the sill area at…

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Luxury Basement Entertainment Area Large Open Space

Concrete Leveling: All You Need to Know

If you are a homeowner thinking of renovating your basement flooring, one of the most important things to keep in mind is concrete levelling. Over time, cement flooring can develop slopes and depressions which need to be levelled, particularly if you are planning to install tiles over the cement. Basement Concrete Levelling 101 With any…

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Legal Secondary Suite Living Room Image

What Is a Legal Secondary Suite?

A basement can be very useful in providing A secondary suite that a homeowner can rent out to tenants or use as an in-law suite for guests. These days, many homeowners choose to rent out their basement apartment to tenants. This is a great way to create another stream of income for your home. While…

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Living Room in Basement Finishing by Moose Basements

Basement Renovation Vs. Basement Remodelling Vs. Basement Finishing

Did you know that there is a difference between renovating your basement, remodelling it, and finishing it? Although these terms may seem similar, they are, in fact, entirely different projects. So before you make the call to a basement contractor for a consultation, you should learn the difference between the basement renovation, remodel, and finishing.…

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Basement Finishing and Renovation Projects Toronto

Basement Construction

Basement Construction in Just 3 Weeks. Professional Basement Construction Services in Toronto When it comes to construction, basements are what we do. Moose Basements offers quality basement inspections and troubleshooting services. If you’re experienced a leaking basement and see spots on the walls such as stains or cracks, contact us right away. We work across…

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