Basement Underpinning 101

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What is basement underpinning? Basement underpinning is a process that strengthens an existing foundation by reinforcing it. This can be done to make a basement more suitable for use by bringing it up to code, correcting any foundational issues that may be present, and to make sure that the foundation is strong enough to support additional weight.

Underpinning is also done if the ceiling height of the basement is too low or to create more storage space. Underpinning basement walls involves digging under the new foundation instead of breaking up the basement floor. Doing the former can interfere with the structural integrity of the foundation and result in a potentially dangerous structural issue.

In past decades, basements were not anything to value. They were viewed as dungeons in the home that were best used for storage or doing laundry. Today, things are vastly different. Basements are highly valuable and can be transformed into just about anything you like. Underpinning basement walls makes it possible for you to redesign your basement and incorporate equipment for a home theater, family room, game room and much more!

Benefits of underpinning your basement

a) Home will easily be accessible for repairs and construction – anytime construction work is performed in a basement, there is often an opportunity to discover the inner workings of your home that you may not be aware of. This can make it easier for your home to be inspected, upgraded or repaired – which is particularly important if you are in an older house. During the underpinning process, you can upgrade your home by replacing electrical wires, old plumbing and ventilation systems. You can also redo the waterproofing of your basement during this process and repair any leaks.

b) Increase ceiling height and lightning – as mentioned earlier, you can increase your ceiling height by underpinning the basement to create additional headroom. Not only does this make the basement a more appealing and convenient living space, building codes require your basement ceiling to be a certain height. Underpinning can help you achieve this.

c) Eliminate structural issues in the foundation – over time, your home’s foundation may deteriorate, particularly if you live in an area where there are extreme weather patterns. Other factors that can damage the foundation is the type of soil in the area and blunders made by unqualified contractors. By underpinning, you can repair the damage and nip future issues in the bud. This saves you money in the long run and will increase the value of your home should you choose to sell.

d) Cost effective – it comes as a relief to many homeowners to know that underpinning a house also saves you money. It’s the most affordable way to add to your home’s square footage and the most convenient way to achieve this because underpinning takes place only in the basement. This means that you may continue to use the rest of your home without worrying about any disruption to your everyday routine.


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