Basement Renovations That Really Pay Off

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As far as home improvements go, basement home renovations can add quite a lot of value to your home and are an easy way to see a return on your original investment. According to pros, basement renovations return a whopping 72.8% of your original investment, which is a much higher number than you see upon renovating your kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re sick of your old, uninspired basement space or are looking to add value to your home before selling, basement renovation is a tried and true method of getting the most out of your home. Because basement space is sought out by potential home buyers as living space, or even a spot to rent out, we’ve assembled the best ways in which you can add value to your home through basement renovation. Whether you’d like to add a comfortable recreation room for the kids or add a spare bedroom for a new addition to the family, here are the basements renovation ideas that pay off:

Before Building, Plan the Basement Area

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Assessing the potential of your future renovation is a crucial step when considering any upgrades or features. You might not want to be investing in a complete renovation of your basement if your area has low ceilings, few windows or a poor layout. Of course, these are also the things that you might consider changing during the renovation. A good basement structure can yield a high return on investment if completed in an appealing way. Many home flippers buy homes with great potential basements, renovate and then sell for a profit. Assess the potential of your basement and plan an upgrade suitable for the basement and your personal needs.

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Upgrade Your Basement Flooring

The concrete that an unfinished basement often has is easily covered with an inexpensive carpet or laminate. This flooring re-vamp will allow you to give your basement the look it needs, for little money to begin with. If your basement is prone to moisture or flooding, consider modular carpet tiles for easy replacement in the case of staining or damage.

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Add Shelves and Storage Space

An easy way to reduce the clutter of your basement and implement additional storage strategies is to install shelves along the walls. This will allow you to organize and add style to your area.

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Implement Mold Fighting Strategies

If you live in an area where moisture runs rampant, you may be familiar with the musty basement smell that comes from mold. All basements risk letting water seep in and damage the walls, but smart homeowners implement mould fighting strategies to prevent spore growth. Consider solutions such as fiberglass walls coated with Teflon, or other walls designed to breathe and to prevent the trapping of water. As these renovations aren’t too expensive, you will actually save money in the long run, which you would have otherwise dedicated to fighting mold growth.

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Add Natural Light

If you are able to install windows in your basement but haven’t done so, you’re missing out. Natural lighting will reduce the fake, dark feeling your basement might generate and transform the area into a livable space. Large egress windows also double as excellent fire escape options. When picking the paint for your basement opt for light tones which will reduce the “hole in the ground” feeling and further brighten the area. Remember to opt for toxin-tree paints that emit little or no odors during application so that your movie nights aren’t ruined by headaches for weeks after.

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Yes, You Can Have Another Toilet

Use your unfinished basement’s pipes to their full capacity. If your basement is not outfitted with drainage, don’t despair. Upflush toilets can be installed on a finished surface, with water flowing through the back of the toilet instead of under concrete. These toilets are easy to install and there is much less renovation mess to deal with.

Plan Your Extra Space in Advance

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It doesn’t need to be open: Much in demand on the market are extra spaces for bedrooms, home offices, extra living spaces and so on. Plan your basement renovation for future use, but don’t be afraid to add in walls to create those extra living spaces you need. Furthermore, if you plan to ever rent out your basement these areas could come in handy. In crowded cities, such as Toronto, basement rentals are an ever more profitable endeavor. If you want to renovate your unfinished basement to rent, remember that it might be beneficial include a small kitchen and bathroom area.

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