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Your home’s lacklustre vibe isn’t being enhanced by your out of date basement area. If your basement is unfinished, crammed with boxes and merely used as storage space, consider clearing it out for a renovation that will dramatically benefit the entirety of your home, and be a worthwhile investment for the future. You should be making the most out of your basements space as the possibilities for how the space can be used are endless, and endlessly creative. Here are a few unique ideas that will have your head spinning:

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Construct a Home Theatre in Your Basement

If you’re a fan of the movies and calm nights spent watching television, this is an idea for you. A home theatre and entertainment system is quite easy to install, and requires only some open wall space. If you have an entire unused wall, consider a projector to get the most out of the space. A home theatre will be most enhanced by an open, well-lit interior, so plan your space wisely and remember to leave the room. Comfortable couches or pallets will allow for the ultimate viewing experience.

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Build a Room Just for The Kids

Remember how when you were a child, you always wanted a treehouse to be a safe haven away from the adults? Imagine having that within the safety and comfort of your own home. A bright, open space will suit children who need to run around and play, while small areas can easily be converted into miniature playhouses for your bundles of joy. Use little nooks such as the area under the stairs or an empty room to create the play place of their dreams!

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Organize Your Laundry Room to Fit Your Interior

Too many homeowners use their basement as laundry and storage and can’t think to use it as anything else. With some creative storage solutions, you can incorporate your fully functional laundry area into a sublime basement for your enjoyment. When thinking of remodelling you can try to incorporate your laundry area into a dual function laundry/kitchen by cleverly inserting the laundry machines into hidden counters or shelves. If you don’t want to segregate your laundry, try to meld the laundry area into the rest of your basement design. You can always section it off with curtains when you don’t want to look at it.

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Build Your Basement as A Private Office

Tired of working at the kitchen table? You don’t need much space to construct a private office in your basement. If you’re not up to building walls around it, you can simply construct with the intention of placing a desk and computer. Use those small, sectioned areas to squeeze in a desk and some leg room. If you’re not up to building walls, separate your office space from the rest of basement with some wall dividers to create the illusion of privacy. Thanks to sliding doors, temporary dividers and a cloistered corner area, you can construct an office space in even the smallest basement. Alternatively, use the small space under your stairs to fit a desk and chair, as well as some shelf space.

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The Ultimate Entertainment Basement

Your basement can feature a full home entertainment system or can have multiple tiny reading books where you can privately curl up with a great book. Why not go for both options, and create a basement where you can relax endlessly? A unique solution we’ve found in creating a private lounge area is to use indentations in the walls or the slot under the stairs to insert a comfortable mattress and some pillows. Voila, you’ve got a reading nook. Of course, you can always devote the entirety of your basement into a lounge, complete with a bar, home entertainment system and pool table. With our help, you can construct the ultimate place to entertain:

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A Bar Will Make Your Basement a Perfect Place for Adult Fun

A no-go spot for the kids, but a fully realized bar for the adults can make your basement the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Or use it to entertain guests and friends. Your friends will be amazed at the versatility and elegance of your basement bar. For extra fun, add a pool table and dart board, and maybe the extensive sound system you’ve had your eyes on. The perfect spot to entertain is just within your reach! Make use of brick and stone to create a bar with a rustic feel, and use wooden accents to get that cottage vibe. Or opt for the retro, black wall and pot-lights style of old-timey lounges. With a wealth of styles you can go for, we recommend shopping around for your preferred look.

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We hope you enjoyed these ideas and will use them to your advantage when planning your basement renovation. Our creative experts at Moose Basements can help you find ideas for interesting, unique and creative basement renovation ideas and techniques, and we’re just a phone call away. Feel free to visit our website for more great ideas such as these! Moose Basements is a Canadian company that can help you create and finance your dream basement. Our company offers custom basement design, finishing, renovation, remodeling and construction services across the GTA and York Region. With over 15 years’ experience in the market, our dedicated teams are composed of highly dedicated professionals ready to undertake the task of building your dream basement. We are WSIB Insured and Liability covered and offer competitive prices. Give us a call today for a free quote, and begin your project as quickly as tomorrow!

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