Basement Theatre

If you own a home, you have the power to transform your basement into just about anything! A cool basement idea gaining popularity these days is a basement theatre. By customizing your basement area, you give yourself a reason to never leave your home for entertainment. You also get to invite loved ones to enjoy your basement entertainment room for as long as you like.

Pros to Having a Home Theatre in Your Basement

Custom Media Centre in Basement Design

Basements have come a long way since the earliest basement designs. Their purpose was mostly for additional storage. Now, basement space is highly prized because of all of the various ways you can utilize it. The cost of transforming a basement into a home theatre is well worth the investment as it adds a significant amount of value to the home, as well as your favourite pastime.

Plus, who wants to go out for fun on a cold night when you can stay in and watch a movie in the comfort of your home? We’re pretty sure you’ll love your basement entertainment room even more during the winter!

Amazing Basement Theater Design Ideas

Superbowl parties, world tournaments, and so much more! With a basement theatre, your home is the perfect venue for watching the hottest sporting events. Invite your friends and be the best host of the season.

Furthermore, basements are perfect for home theatre systems because you can soundproof them. This allows you to feel free to cheer for your favourite team or turn up your home theatre speakers without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

Basement Theatre Designs

Luxury Basement Family Room Renovation Project Toronto

The first decision to make after you decide to renovate your basement is the basement theatre design. There are so many home theater basement ideas to get inspiration from. So much so that it’s good to hire a renovation contractor to help you with the space you have. Moreover, we will work closely with you to come up with a design that their clients love.

What to Consider When Renovating a Basement Home Theatre

Before you settle on a basement renovation theatre design, you need to consider a few details:

The Size of Your Basement – The amount of space you have available to set up your home theatre is essential. The equipment must be able to fit in and out of the basement. Therefore, we advise that you measure the room before you purchase the pieces for your entertainment room.
For example, a tight space could not accommodate a 78” screen. But it’s not just about whether the screen can physically fit in the room. It’s also about optimal viewing. The larger the screen, the more distance you need between the screen and seats.
Acoustics – Sound is everything when it comes to a home entertainment system. You’ll want to make sure the sound quality is crisp.
A home theatre designer or a sound engineer can help you achieve this.
Good lighting – Proper light fixtures are also a must-have in home theatres. Since basements tend to let in less light than rooms above ground level, they are often dim. Brighten up the room by incorporating additional lighting. Pot lights, sconce lighting and chandeliers are some of the upgrades you can install.

Basement Theater Ideas

Add a Stage – Kick things up a notch by adding a stage to your theatre! It will give your room an even greater wow factor. By incorporating this unique feature, you can encourage performances by family members and friends, which brings out the fun side of everyone around.
Select the Location for The Screen Wall – Many factors will influence the decision on where to place the big screen. The viewing distance is critical. We find that the best viewing is about 10-15 feet away from the screen. And this is where you put your sectional.
The direction of incoming sunlight is also something to consider.You don’t want to have the sun shining onto the screen and making it difficult to watch your favorite Netflix show. You don’t want the sun to pierce into your eyes either.
Therefore, you’ll need to assess how the sun shines through at different times of the day and where to set up your screen accordingly.
Add a Separate Electrical Circuit – Home theatres that are well-designed need a lot of electricity. Hence, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated electrical circuit specifically for your home theatre system. As a result, you can prevent the circuit board from tripping.
Install High-Quality Sound Supplies – Your theatre sound system is something that’s installed during the construction stage of remodelling. Using high-quality sound equipment like speaker wire and surround sound makes all the difference.
Work with The Shape of The Room – You may be surprised at how much you can customize your basement by being creative with the shape of the room. A basement design team can help you bring out the best in your basement space by adding rounded walls or other features to upgrade the room.
Remember the Flooring Is Important TooFloor installation is the first step of any renovation project, no doubt. However, it plays an even bigger part in comfort and basement theatre acoustics. The type of flooring you choose –whether wood or carpet– should be carefully selected. Since different materials affect sound in various ways, seek the advice of a professional contractor to guide you through your options.

Comfort Is Key

Custom Media Centre in Basement Design

Remember that everything else may be perfect in your basement home theatre, but if the seating is uncomfortable, it will take away from the whole experience. Always go for comfort and test out your furniture before buying it.

Building your own home theatre in the basement means you can customize it however you want. It’s your chance to say goodbye to those annoying chairs in public movie theatres. Get the best recliner chairs for your basement theatre! Heck, you can even install a concession stand where you enjoy fresh popcorn with a drink every time.

Home Entertainment Area in Basement Finishing Project

Most importantly, though, remember that designing your basement home theatre is a major investment. It’s also an opportunity to elevate your property’s market value and be creative. Get in touch with us to learn about basement home theatre renovation. We will offer you a free quote for the renovation project and give you our expert contractor recommendations.

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