The value of a renovated basement is now higher than ever. So many homeowners are using their basements as entertainment spaces where family activities take place. Therefore, installing a basement kitchen is a fantastic way of adding convenience to your basement space. 

In this article, we’re delving into the nooks and crannies of renovating a basement kitchen. We’re listing some amazing kitchen basement ideas that you can implement. We’re also discussing the importance of budgeting when renovating a basement.

Benefits of A Basement Kitchen

Many people build their basement as a family room, bachelor apartment, or legal secondary unit. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to make the area as comfortable as possible. A basement kitchen has the following benefits:

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A Basement Kitchen Adds Convenience – Having a kitchen in your basement allows you to prepare and enjoy meals without having to go up to the main floor of the home. This is a convenience not only for you to enjoy while you live in your home, but it is a feature that will appeal to future buyers.
Turning Your Basement Into a Separate Apartment – Once you have a kitchen in your basement, you can section off that part of your home and transform it into an apartment. You could then rent the apartment out (if it complies with the Ontario Building Code), bringing you additional income.

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Basement Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

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Basement kitchen costs are largely dependent on the size of the kitchen you want to install and the various amenities.

One of the first things you will need to do once you decide to install a kitchen in your basement is to have a professional contractor take measurements and assess your basement plumbing. Since moisture spells trouble for basements, correct plumbing is a top priority.

Basement Kitchen Design Layouts for SMALL Basements

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The amount of space you have in your basement is a key factor to consider when determining the best basement kitchen layout for your home. Some types of kitchen designs include:

One-Wall Kitchen – Originally known as the Pullman kitchen, this layout is a good option for limited basement space. All cabinets and appliances are against a single wall. As a result, you have room for a kitchen island or a dining table.
Galley Kitchen – This type of kitchen design is also known as a walk-through kitchen. It consists of two parallel walls with countertops on them, providing a walkway in between them. This is a simple layout and renovations typically tend to be pretty straightforward since.
Basement Kitchenette Design
A Basement Kitchenette, Perhaps? – So, you want a kitchen in the basement, but you’re short on space. Why not consider a kitchenette?
Basement kitchenettes give you all the functions of a kitchen but on a smaller scale. This design is actually fantastic as a small basement renovation idea. You get the benefits of a kitchen basement without the need for a house addition.
A second important factor is your budget. If you don’t have a large budget for your basement renovation, opt for a kitchenette. A basement kitchenette is a cool basement idea and has the fundamental parts of a kitchen like counter space, minor storage and a dishwasher and sink. Convenience at a lower price.

Basement Kitchen Layouts for MEDIUM-Sized Basement Kitchens

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If you have a mid-sized basement, here are some kitchen designs that may be perfect for your space:

L-Shape Kitchen – This design consists of two perpendicular countertops that form an L shape. Many people love this design because it offers a lot of versatility.
Peninsula Kitchen – This layout is basically an island that is connected to an L-shaped kitchen, making it into a horseshoe or a G-shaped kitchen. This is a perfect choice if you want to incorporate an island but do not have adequate space for a standalone island.

Basement Kitchen Layouts for Spacious Basement Kitchens

White Marble Kitchen Design
Kitchen Island – This feature is a favourite for many homeowners. The island creates additional space for cabinets and meal prep. By adding some bar stools you can also use it as an eating area.
Horseshoe – Sometimes referred to as a U-shape kitchen, this particular kitchen layout is comprised of three walls of cabinets and countertop space.

What You Should Consider When Installing a Basement Kitchen

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Deciding on a major renovation project in your basement is a huge undertaking. Prepare by educating yourself on what to expect and how to adequately plan for installing a basement kitchen.

Ⅰ. How do you plan on utilizing your basement kitchen?

The first thing you will need to do is determine why you want to add a kitchen to your basement and set clear goals and expectations. This will inform many of your decisions throughout the process. It’s easy to get carried away in the creative process and shift from your original needs. Having a clear “Why” can help you refocus on your goals.

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Ⅱ. Write down a list of priorities

Make a clear distinction between the things you would like for your new kitchen and the things you absolutely need. This will be largely influenced by the size of your kitchen space, how the basement is being used and budget. If the basement will be used as a game or family room, a simple kitchenette will be adequate. However, if your basement is a separate unit, you may need to have more amenities in your kitchen.

Ⅲ. Be flexible

Be willing to compromise on your wish list. As construction begins, you may run into some issues that will force you to make some changes to your original plan. Don’t allow this to discourage you; work around those changes and revise your wish list as you go.

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Ⅳ. Do your homework on basement renovation contractors

Find the right contractor. A contractor can either make or break your renovations, so you’ll want to make sure you have a professional contractor with adequate experience to take on your project.

Ⅴ. Plan your basement renovation financing

Determine your budget. Spend time researching about the expenses that are involved with installing the type of kitchen you want.

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Having all the amenities just on the main floor of your house is a trend long gone. As we stepped into modern interior design, the idea of having independent floors within the house became more prominent. This is why many homemakers are scrolling through the catalogues for some basement kitchen ideas. The idea of having a kitchen in the basement is gaining popularity. This is mainly because people are not using basements as underground storage spaces anymore. People have realised the potential of basements as a living space that enriches the lifestyle of the homeowner and adds value to their real estate. If not a full-fledged kitchen, homeowners are going for a kitchenette or a beverage centre to make their basement more attractive. This is particularly good for those who want to rent their basement and offer privacy to their tenants. It is also good if you have a basement office or a recreational basement.

Before we delve into construction tips and come up with ideas, here are some reasons why you must invest in a basement kitchen:

It is a good utilization of space. You can use the kitchen cabinets to store canned food and stock groceries in your basement
If you are organizing a grand meal with multiple courses, you can use the kitchen to prepare some of the courses. This will save you time
You can also take the whole party to the basement so it does not disrupt your main space. You can prepare the meal in your basement and entertain your guests there
A kitchen makes the basement a self-contained space which is good for renting or allotting it to your growing children
If you plan to resell your house, having a kitchen in the basement will help you get the best value for your home.

Now let’s move on to planning your basement kitchen design according to your needs and style aspirations.

Basement Kitchenette Planning

It is important to ensure that your basement kitchenette is installed safely. It needs to be functional and stylish at the same time. You can give your kitchenette a whole new look different from the kitchen on the main floor. The planning stage is an important stage of kitchen construction. Proper planning is needed to ensure your kitchen remains working for a long time without any disruptions. Ensure that you talk about all your requirements for the kitchen right at the beginning of the construction. You should also be open about your budget and ensure that your contractor knows any weak points in the structure of your house or any water flow issues.

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Before beginning with the construction of the kitchen, you need to check if your basement is finished or unfinished. Some pre-construction fixes need to be done if you have an unfinished basement.

You should then decide on the space and size of your kitchen but before you do, here are the few technical things you need to consider before installing a kitchenette in your basement:

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  • Ventilation: If you plan on making your basement kitchenette good for mainstream cooking, you must have a good ventilation system installed. If the fumes stay inside the basement, it may cause discomfort and also prove to be a safety issue. Ensure that your contractor talks about a sound ventilation system in your basement.
  • Plumbing: Ensuring that there is proper drainage and flow of water from the faucet is important. Otherwise, you will have to take the utensils on the main floor every time you want to wash them. It is also important to ensure that the drains are working and not clogging any of the connected drains.
  • Fire safety: Even if you have a fire alarm and sprinkler on the main floor, you must have it in your basement as well, especially if there is a kitchenette there. You must also ensure that your construction follows your local codes and all necessary permits are taken care of. You must also have a fire extinguisher and an escape route coming from your basement.

Basement Kitchenette Design Tips

Now that we are done discussing the technicalities of basement kitchens, here are some helpful tips that you can use to design the kitchen perfectly:

  1. Pay attention to the maintenance efforts you may need to make
    Maintenance is often ignored once a new kitchen is constructed but it is only later homeowners realise that is important too. Basements are often used less than the main floor and that is why they attract more dust. This is why you should choose materials that are easy to clean. Also, the temperature in basements attracts humidity which is why an all-wood kitchen is not recommended. You should also go easy to maintain countertops like quartz or recycled glass.
  2. Avoid darker colours
    Since basements usually lack light, adding darker colours to the set-up may make it quite overbearing. At the same time, going for an all-white colour will attract dirt. You should choose neutral colours like taupe or beige to keep the overall style very light and breezy. You can also combine two colours to give your kitchen more definition. If you want to accentuate your basement kitchen design, you can choose a contrasting colour for the countertop and further define the kitchen with brass or shiny golden hardware.
  3. Avoid heavy-duty furniture
    You don’t want to renovate your basement kitchen every time you want to give your basement a twist. This is why instead of heavy dining tables and antique cabinets, go for function and light-weight furniture that can be moved around or easily removed if you want more space in your basement. You can also go for movable furniture to change the look of your basement whenever one gets boring. This is particularly one of the most common small basement kitchen ideas but can also be used for basements blessed with space.
  4. Invest in a dining area along with a kitchenette
    If you want to host a large gathering in your basement, you must have a dining area as well. Just a bar table would not suffice. You can also be creative and set up a patio vibe in your basement using patio furniture in your dining area. Not only is this a good way to ensure a comfortable seating arrangement but it is also creative use of lightweight furniture. 
  5. Be space-conscious
    Do not make your basement kitchen as elaborate as your main kitchen. Keep only the basic appliances in your kitchen and the fancy makers and fryers can be used on the main floor. Heavy appliances may take up a lot of space and cause your basement to look very stuffed up. This is why you must keep your basement looking spacious.


Now we come to the most exciting part of planning your kitchen in the basement, the theme of the kitchen. Now is the time to go all creative and choose the theme that suits your kitchen and your style the best. Since the basement is its own space, you can choose a theme different from the rest of the home. But make sure it blends with the theme of your basement. Here are some of the trendiest basement kitchen ideas that you can choose from:

Amazing Basement Kitchen with Backlit Ceiling

Marbled Tops

If you want to keep your kitchen cabinets and the overall theme minimal, you can still add definition to the design with marbled countertops. This is perfect for kitchens that have an island counter. They give a very elegant and sophisticated look while complementing a minimal design.

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Gold Detailing

To add a lot more definition to simple cabinetry, you can go for gold detailing along the edges. This works perfect on dark-hued cabinets or even bright white drawers or china cabinets. Go for a regal art deco design to turn your basement kitchen into a castle kitchen.

Premium Kitchen Design with Natural Countertops Design by Moose Basements

Silver Detailing

If you want to give a modern look to your kitchen, add some silver elements. Go for a textured marble top, pendant lights, faucets, handles and even kitchen stools and tables in this colour. It adds ounces of simple sophistication which looks very futuristic at the same time.

Modern White Kitchen Remodeling by Moose Basements

Classic White

While many people think a classic white kitchen looks basic, you should know that there are endless possibilities. Because of its versatility and brightness, you can never go wrong with white. If you want to go for an all-white kitchen, be sure to use a material that does not attract dust and is easy to clean. Once you choose the right material, you can go for textures to make your white basement kitchen design pop up. For embellishments, go for clean silver-coloured handles, faucets, appliances and even lighting.

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Taupe Turner

If minimal chic is your style, the taupe theme is the best for you. The classy mix of grey speaks of sophistication and acquired tastes. You also add a marble texture to the countertop while the cabinets are basic taupe to give your kitchenette a definition. Appliances like a coffee maker and a toaster and good to be put on the counter of your taupe kitchen. Go for blueish white lighting to keep up with the modern look.

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Black Matte

A black matte kitchen is a good idea especially if you have an over the ground basement which is blessed with natural light. This kitchen has a stylish and modern look and is easy to maintain as most matte laminations don’t get stained easily. Combine it with pop-hued tilework and see your basement light up even more.

Small Basement Kitchen Installation Project

Matte Grey

If a black matte kitchen looks too dark, you can replicate the same modern look with a matte grey basement kitchenette. It is great for smaller kitchens and gives a compact yet organised look. To break the matte monotony, you can use shiny silver appliances to complete the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Installation in Condo Apartment

Monotone Minimalism

If you don’t want to combine a lot of colours, you can simply go for one. Pick one bright colour and have your counter and cabinetry in the same colour. Go for bright white or beige. You can add a little texture to the area with marbled tilework and matte faucets.

Amazing Brown Wood Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Design Toronto

Mock Wood

While going for hardwood kitchens is not recommended for the basement, you can go for laminations that give a wood-like finish to your cabinets. Go for something that is rustic for a barn-like feel right within your basement. This kitchen can also double up as a bar if you add a beer fridge or a wine cabinet in it. Keep the lighting dim for a romantic rustic effect. For the walls, go for bricked effect for the raw energy a old brick style kitchen look.

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Checkered Retro

If you are someone who likes textures and monochrome, checkered design is the best of both worlds for you. Go for black and white checkered tile work and flooring. This looks perfect basic white cabinetry and warm white lighting. It gives a retro touch to your kitchen. However, if you want to go all-retro, you can go for candy-coloured cabinets instead of the classic white.

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Victorian Vogue

You can also make feminine energy run through your basement kitchenette by going for a Victorian theme. Mix off white with hues of red for a bright accentuated basement. For warm white pendant lights or even LED strips to add to the overall brightness of this theme. If detailing is what you like, you can also choose faucets with intricate work and a clean copper look for this theme.

Now that you have our best picks, it’s time to choose the right contractor to bring your basement kitchen ideas to life.