The value of a renovated basement is now higher than ever. So many homeowners are using their basements as entertainment spaces where family activities take place. Therefore, installing a basement kitchen is a fantastic way of adding convenience to your basement space. 

In this article, we’re delving into the nooks and crannies of renovating a basement kitchen. We’re listing some amazing kitchen basement ideas that you can implement. We’re also discussing the importance of budgeting when renovating a basement.

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Benefits of A Basement Kitchen

Many people build their basement as a family room, bachelor apartment, or legal secondary unit. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to make the area as comfortable as possible. A basement kitchen has the following benefits:

✔️ A basement kitchen adds convenience 

Having a kitchen in your basement allows you to prepare and enjoy meals without having to go up to the main floor of the home. This is a convenience not only for you to enjoy while you live in your home, but it is a feature that will appeal to future buyers.

✔️ Turning your basement into a separate apartment

Once you have a kitchen in your basement, you can section off that part of your home and transform it into an apartment. You could then rent the apartment out (if it complies with the Ontario Building Code), bringing you additional income.

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Basement Kitchen Ideas on A Budget

Basement kitchen costs are largely dependent on the size of the kitchen you want to install and the various amenities.

One of the first things you will need to do once you decide to install a kitchen in your basement is to have a professional contractor take measurements and assess your basement plumbing. Since moisture spells trouble for basements, correct plumbing is a top priority.

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Basement Kitchen Design Layouts for SMALL Basements

The amount of space you have in your basement is a key factor to consider when determining the best basement kitchen layout for your home. Some types of kitchen designs include:

✔️ One-Wall Kitchen

Originally known as the Pullman kitchen, this layout is a good option for limited basement space. All cabinets and appliances are against a single wall. As a result, you have room for a kitchen island or a dining table.

✔️ Galley Kitchen

This type of kitchen design is also known as a walk-through kitchen. It consists of two parallel walls with countertops on them, providing a walkway in between them. This is a simple layout and renovations typically tend to be pretty straightforward since.

✔️ A Basement Kitchenette, Perhaps?

So, you want a kitchen in the basement, but you’re short on space. Why not consider a kitchenette? 

Basement kitchenettes give you all the functions of a kitchen but on a smaller scale. This design is actually fantastic as a small basement renovation idea. You get the benefits of a kitchen basement without the need for a house addition.

A second important factor is your budget. If you don’t have a large budget for your basement renovation, opt for a kitchenette. A basement kitchenette is a cool basement idea and has the fundamental parts of a kitchen like counter space, minor storage and a dishwasher and sink. Convenience at a lower price.

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Basement Kitchen Layouts for MEDIUM-Sized Basement Kitchens

If you have a mid-sized basement, here are some kitchen designs that may be perfect for your space:

✔️ L-Shape Kitchen

This design consists of two perpendicular countertops that form an L shape. Many people love this design because it offers a lot of versatility.  

✔️ Peninsula Kitchen

This layout is basically an island that is connected to an L-shaped kitchen, making it into a horseshoe or a G-shaped kitchen. This is a perfect choice if you want to incorporate an island but do not have adequate space for a standalone island.

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Basement Kitchen Layouts for Spacious Basement Kitchens

✔️ Kitchen Island 

This feature is a favourite for many homeowners. The island creates additional space for cabinets and meal prep. By adding some bar stools you can also use it as an eating area.

✔️ Horseshoe 

Sometimes referred to as a U-shape kitchen, this particular kitchen layout is comprised of three walls of cabinets and countertop space. 

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What You Should Consider When Installing a Basement Kitchen

Deciding on a major renovation project in your basement is a huge undertaking. Prepare by educating yourself on what to expect and how to adequately plan for installing a basement kitchen.

Ⅰ. How do you plan on utilizing your basement kitchen?

The first thing you will need to do is determine why you want to add a kitchen to your basement and set clear goals and expectations. This will inform many of your decisions throughout the process. It’s easy to get carried away in the creative process and shift from your original needs. Having a clear “Why” can help you refocus on your goals.

Ⅱ. Write down a list of priorities

Make a clear distinction between the things you would like for your new kitchen and the things you absolutely need. This will be largely influenced by the size of your kitchen space, how the basement is being used and budget. If the basement will be used as a game or family room, a simple kitchenette will be adequate. However, if your basement is a separate unit, you may need to have more amenities in your kitchen.

Ⅲ. Be flexible

Be willing to compromise on your wish list. As construction begins, you may run into some issues that will force you to make some changes to your original plan. Don’t allow this to discourage you; work around those changes and revise your wish list as you go.

Ⅳ. Do your homework on basement renovation contractors

Find the right contractor. A contractor can either make or break your renovations, so you’ll want to make sure you have a professional contractor with adequate experience to take on your project.

Ⅴ. Plan your basement renovation financing

Determine your budget. Spend time researching about the expenses that are involved with installing the type of kitchen you want.

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