Do you find yourself always rushing to and from the gym to get a good workout in? Do you get frustrated when you have to wait for someone else to finish using the equipment to get your turn? If your answer is yes, a basement gym is ideal for you.  

A basement home gym is such an asset to a home. It makes working out a lot more convenient and saves money in the long run. It eliminates gym membership fees and saves you time. So instead of going to your local club every week, use that time to work out in your own home gym! 

When considering a basement gym, some people are deterred because they think a home gym will take up too much space. They may also be worried about the costs of buying all the home gym equipment they will need. This article will discuss home gym essentials and why it’s one of the cool basement ideas you can implement.

Should I Invest in a Home Gym?

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The answer to this question depends on how often you go to the gym. Calculate the amount of time and effort it takes you to go to the gym and decide accordingly. Not only does it take time to prep your gym bag, but you also have to commute to the gym and back home after the workout. It may not seem like a lot of time, particularly if your gym is close to your home. But the minutes add up. In today’s world, we are busier than ever. Time is something everyone seems to be chasing and there is never enough of it. You may be surprised that it takes more time than you thought just to get to the gym. 

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Having a basement gym is ideal for people who work out regularly because it allows you to free up some time and it saves you money. If you invest the money you spend on your monthly membership into creating your own gym set up at home, you’ll end up saving money over time. And at the end of the day, all the equipment you buy will be yours.


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Another reason why some people prefer home gyms is that it allows them to work out in the privacy of their own home. The desire for privacy could be due to a number of reasons. People who are beginning a workout regimen for the first time may not be comfortable going to a gym because they feel tempted to compare themselves to others who may be in better shape than they are. Other people may just prefer to have their own basement gym because that way they won’t have to wait on someone to use any of the gym equipment. 

Some people are germaphobes and do not like the idea of sharing equipment with everyone. Whatever the reason, there are many basement workout room ideas you can implement to create a home gym you love.

Home Gym Essentials

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If a home gym is the best idea for you, you will need to get the necessary gym equipment for the room. The design and layout of your basement gym will inform you of what the room can accommodate. Remember, you want a room that has enough space for you to move around and exercise comfortably. Your focus should not be getting as much gym equipment as possible, rather ensuring you have the right equipment. 


Some questions you should ask yourself to determine what basic gym necessities you need are:

What kind of workout am I looking to get?

You want to ensure you don’t just focus on one type of activity like only cardio, or only strength training. While you can choose to focus more on one over the other, it is best to have a combination. For cardio, a treadmill or stationary bike are good go-tos. A few free weights can help get your muscles toned.

What kind of basement flooring do I need for my home gym?

Basement flooring is typically cold and hard. This may present a problem when working out. To create a more suitable basement gym flooring option, consider covering the floor with a rubber flooring. These are relatively inexpensive and provide a good cushion, but they can create an unpleasant odour over time. Carpet is a good alternative.

What kind of lighting do I want?

This is a personal choice. There isn’t a particular one that is recommended but having a well-lit room can pump you up and create a conducive environment for productive workouts.

Should I have mirrors?

Mirrors are necessary for basement dance studios and workout rooms in general. However, dance does require more consciousness surrounding movement and coordination. Yoga is another example of an exercise that requires good form and posture. You will need to use mirrors so you maintain good form. If dance or yoga are incorporated into your workout routine, then gym mirrors are probably important for you to have.

Gym Equipment on a Budget

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You can still get a great workout without breaking the bank on expensive gym equipment. Instead of a treadmill, you can use a jump rope for cardio. Instead of weights, you can use resistance bands or a stability ball to strengthen your core and muscles. Dumbbells and barbells are also good options. They don’t take up much room to store and build muscle. So you don’t need a whole lot of equipment to make your basement or home gym work for you.

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