Why leave your home for entertainment when you can create your own game room right where you live? Now, more than ever before, homeowners are choosing to remodel their basements into a space suitable to meet their entertainment needs. A cool basement idea gaining popularity in recent years is basement game rooms. You can’t beat convenience and comfort. With the right gaming equipment and furniture, you can transform your basement into a room you love to hang out.

Game Room Ideas

Image of A Game Room with A Bar

You can customize your basement to accommodate equipment like a pool table, ice hockey, or board games. Other basement games for your family room could include darts or video games. The possibilities are endless!

The first thing you will need to do is determine exactly what kind of vision you have in mind for your game room. What’s your style choice? What layout or floor plan do you have in mind? What timeline are you thinking of? What colours do you want? Which areas of the room do you want to highlight? The list goes on.

Once you decide how you want to utilize your basement space, you’ll want to ensure you find a contractor who gets your vision. This advice from a contractor is especially important because a professional can bring up some things you hadn’t considered like how best to use the space, and how to practice it is to achieve your dream game room.

As the plan comes together, your contractor will look into things like electrical wiring, the structural integrity of the basement, and other important factors.

Cool Basement Ideas for a Game Room

Why let good space go to waste when you can transform it into a room that family and friends can’t get enough of. Here are a few simple tips to help you remodel your basement:

📌 Clean out the Entire Basement

To properly assess your basement before work begins you will need to clear the area. This way, you’ll be building your dream from the ground up – a blank canvas, if you will. Many people love the thought of having free rein with their creativity. Since a few rooms in a home give such grand opportunities for homeowners to express themselves creatively as basements do, planning a renovation is often an exciting time.

📌 Find Inspiration from Pictures of Family Game Rooms 

Visual aids go a long way in narrowing down your basement design choices. Good places to search for ideas are in home magazines and online. These two sources will provide a plethora of different basement styles, colours and overall ideas to incorporate into your basement remodelling project

📌 Brighten up the Basement with Alluring Colours 

Colour plays a big part in creating the mood of the room. Decide if you want to paint your walls in bright colours or warm and inviting hues. Find out which colours will bring out the feel you want your basement to have. And since this gaming room will be a place of excitement and fun, consider colours that will help bring that out and compliment the rest of your basement space. 

📌 Incorporate a Carpet that Stands Out 

Basements are notorious for being cold. The floors, in particular, are cold and hard. This is the opposite of what you want unless it’s during a heatwave. A family room should be warm and comfortable. Adding a carpet to the room can make your basement feel cozier. Just like you would with paint, the colour of the carpet or rug should add excitement to the room.

📌 Choosing the Right Furniture

Each piece of furniture should add to the room, not take away from it. To achieve the desired look and feel, look for furniture that promotes relaxation and comfort. This is especially important because your basement gaming room will be a room people will gather in for hours. Think comfortable sofas, cushions and chairs. 

Aside from being comfortable, furniture should be practical. For example, a rocking chair would probably not make much sense in a basement game room. Instead, a popular favourite is a bean bag. Take the time to sit on furniture before you purchase it for your basement. Is it comfortable? Do you see yourself sitting on that sofa for hours? If so, you may have found the perfect piece of furniture to set up in your basement!

📌 Convenience Matters

Some nice additions to the basement are appliances that make the new game room everyone’s favourite room in the home. When thinking of what “nice-to-have” items your family members are interested in, give each person an opportunity to weigh in. Some popular choices are a refrigerator, a bar or a pool table. Remember that this is a room the entire family will need to love so everyone should have a say in what equipment the room haves. 

A basement video game room is not something your family can only dream about. It can turn into a reality. It could even be a fun project that your family takes on and works together to complete. So get creative and enjoy the process! Remember, when you customize your home, make sure it still appeals to future buyers. 

The final thing to consider is how to protect your new game room from water damage. Since basements are prone to moisture problems, work with your contractor to make your basement as safe as possible.

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