Every homeowner knows that a bathroom should have a sink, shower, tub, and toilet, which is basically the bare minimum. And in terms of plumbing and water supply, the work is pretty standard. What’s funny, though, is that there are actually many different ways to renovate a basement bathroom. So much so, that we’ve decided to dedicate this article to basement bathroom ideas, creative designs, and the various bathroom upgrades you can install in yours.

But First, What Goes Into a Basement Bathroom Renovation?

Modern Finished Basement Restroom

When renovating a bathroom, there are considerations to bear in mind. But with basement bathrooms, specifically, additional factors come into play. For homeowners and renovators alike, you must carefully consider:

Sure, your renovation contractor can take care of all these elements. Still, it’s a good idea for homeowners to have a bathroom renovation checklist to keep track of the process.

Futuristic Bathroom Design

Our Basement Bathroom Ideas

The two most important factors that affect how we build a bathroom are size and budget. While your basement size isn’t something you can necessarily control, you can determine your budget. We’re listing bathroom basement ideas that accommodate those two elements.

Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Bathroom Renovation and Plumbing Company

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to make a space the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. And while it seems like updating your bathroom is straightforward, there are many mistakes that you may encounter that you didn’t account for. Common pitfalls like not setting a timeline or forgetting to shut off valves can turn your remodel into a nightmare. 

To help you prepare for your next bathroom renovation, we reached out to experts across Toronto, including myself, for our best tips on bathroom remodel mistakes to avoid. There may be things you might not have thought of. Check out 7 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes to Avoid, Straight from the Pros.

Small Bathroom Ideas

The trickiest part about small bathrooms is finding room for storage. In the event you’re renovating a small basement bathroom, you definitely have to be smart with shelving, wall units, and cabinets.

  1. Wall-Long Shelf Units – When it comes to limited space, interior designers recommend installing storage units as close to the wall as possible, preferably to the length of the walls, too. Ceiling-high shelves are a great way to effectively utilize the space you have. What this does is give the illusion of a bigger bathroom (because it looks as if there’s plenty of space towards the centre of the bathroom) along with the storage space you need. If you can install your shelves in one of the bathroom’s corners, that’s even better for saving space.
  2. Use Multi-Purpose Bathroom Pieces – A vanity is also a cabinet with drawers. A bathroom mirror is a cupboard. A shelf is a towel hanger. How efficient is that! Using multi-purpose furniture pieces is an excellent way to save space in a small bathroom. And there are so many creative small bathroom ideas using the right furniture pieces given the constant need for space-saving solutions.
  3. Shower Stall, Not Tub – It’s an obvious fact that tubs take up more space than shower stalls. So if you have a tight bathroom, we recommend that you install a shower stall instead of a bathtub. A good tip for installing a shower in a small bathroom is laying it against a corner. That way, it doesn’t occupy too much space, and you have the rest of the washroom to do whatever with.

Big Bathroom Ideas

If you have enough space in your basement bathroom to call it big, you’re one of the lucky few. Go ham! Install a shower and a bathtub. Get a vanity with two sinks. Put plenty of decorative elements such as lamps, flowers, maybe even an aquarium with fish to keep you company while you do your business. Might as well install a bidet while you’re at it—your fish will be happy to see that. You can also add a laundry section with a washing machine and dryer. So many ideas it almost brings tears to our eyes.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas on a Budget

The money you spend on a bathroom renovation project can be anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000. It all depends on the budget you allocated, the bathroom parts you’re adding, and finishes. Trying to achieve the basement bathroom on a tight budget is challenging yet doable. Check out our expert tips.

Ⅰ. Save on Bathroom Countertops

People tend to splurge on countertops, which we think is a mistake if you’re low on budget. A porcelain countertop can do the job just as much as a marble one would. And it will probably cost you half the price to purchase.

Ⅱ. Explore Financing Options

Trust us when we say renovation companies understand the financial burden of remodelling a basement bathroom. To this end, many contractors are willing to be flexible with their fees. What homeowners don’t realize that a lot of up-and-coming renovation businesses take on projects to build their portfolio. So, there can be some leeway with the pricing if this is the case with your contractor.

Many renovation contractors also collaborate with financial institutions to make the task of taking out a renovation loan much easier for homeowners. And this is what we offer here at Moose Basements. We can hook you up with banks that are willing to give you loans at fantastic rates.

Ⅲ. Hire a One-Stop-Shop Renovation Company

Hiring a renovation company that does it all means that coordination among teams is smooth sailing. But that’s not the only perk. Renovation contractors with in-house experts often offer package deals if you go with them with the renovation project from beginning to end, since they can take care of the plumbing, painting, flooring, electric, etc. It’s also great for you, as a homeowner, since you don’t have to manage and be in contact with multiple renovation companies.

You can also get a package deal if you hire one company to take care of your bathroom renovation project.

Basement Contractors Finish Basement Bathroom
Basement Bathroom Remodel Project

Ⅳ. Buy Used

Buying used furniture pieces and bathroom parts is not what you might expect. Yes, you save money, but you can also find amazing pieces that you wouldn’t at Ikea or Bed, Bath & Beyond. Used furniture shops and liquidation businesses have a wide selection of pieces. You may come across beautiful vintage pieces that belonged to an old home. Or you can stumble upon the perfect set of drawers that once belonged to Toronto’s most affluent hotel suites. You can easily save hundreds of dollars on such pieces. A true bang for the buck!

Ⅴ. Restore & Refurbish What You Already Have

We’ve all heard the saying, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Well, this applies to your basement bathroom renovation. Refinish and restore what you can as much as you can. For example, reline your old tub or shower instead of installing a new one. This approach will cost you much less than buying new parts. Keep in mind that if you’re short on money, a basement renovation can be a work in progress. What you cannot afford to fix today can be upgraded months down the line. Just make sure your basement bathroom has the main functionalities for now and you should be fine.

Ⅵ. DIY Some Renovation Steps 

Painting the bathroom walls is something you can easily do yourself. Some bathroom fixtures are also not that hard to install if you follow the right instructions. Some products come with their instructional leaflets, while others can be installed by following a good online tutorial. DIYing some steps in your bathroom renovation process will save you the money you would otherwise pay a technician to do it. This way, you skimp on some bathroom parts to invest in other parts that need it the most, such as flooring, plumbing, and waterproofing.


FAQs About Basement Bathroom Renovation

How much time does it take to renovate a basement bathroom?

The time we need to renovate a bathroom basement depends on many variables. The size of the bathroom, your time schedule, the building permit are all factors that affect the duration. For the most part, we can finish an average basement bathroom within 3 weeks. You can always call us to get a more accurate estimate.

How much does renovating a basement bathroom cost?

The cost to renovate your basement bathroom can be anywhere between $15,000 to +$100,000.

Is renovating a basement bathroom worth it?

Many homeowners see renovations as investments, as adding value to their existing property. So, our insight tells us that, yes, renovating a bathroom is certainly a worthwhile project. You can install all the bathroom upgrades your heart desires and double your house’s market value. Moreover, you can renovate your basement bathroom according to your city’s requirements for legal secondary units.