Basements can transform into magical rooms through renovations. When it comes to basement renovation ideas, the possibilities are truly endless. One of the more popular basements transformations is the addition of a basement bar. While it may seem like something simple, a basement bar can provide numerous benefits to your home parties that many don’t even realize.

Having a beautiful entertainment space in your basement allows you to host hassle-free, exciting parties in the comfort of your home. You save money from going out, and your guests are more comfortable. Who wouldn’t want that? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best basement bar ideas for your next renovation project.

Let’s Start at Square One

Luxury Basement Entertainment Area Large Open Space

So you are ready to commit to a basement renovation? Great! Now it’s time to prepare the area and begin the planning process. The best way to get started is to clear everything out of the basement area. An empty basement is a lot easier to work with and will help get things started much quicker.

Amazing Basement Game Room with Custom Bar

Look for Some Inspiration

Once the area is cleared out, the next step is to visualize what kind of basement bar ideas you desire. The best way to get ideas is through photographs of already finished basement bars. Whether you’re looking for modern basement bar ideas or the ultimate gaming bar, you can find inspiration almost anywhere. Once you have an idea of the desired look, we can begin to draw out the basement bar plans.

Open Space Basement with Amazing Bar

Building a Basement Bar

Building a basement bar can be a simple addition or something incredibly detailed. It all depends on personal preference and your budget. There are many different characteristics you can add to a bar. These include kitchen style bars, arcade-themed bars, various lighting features, custom shelving, and so much more. So what features should you include? There are a few staple additions that will make the bar the perfect basement extension, which include cabinets, tables, and something fun.

Luxury Basement Bar by Moose Basement

Basement Bar Cabinets

Basement bar cabinets may get overlooked, but we believe they shouldn’t. Installing unique cabinets can do so much for your home bar, and the great thing is that the possibilities are endless. So what kind of cabinets are worth adding? We suggest installing cabinets that include shelving. Custom shelving allows for organized space for things like wine and glasses.

Adding stylized cabinets also adds flair to the overall style of the bar. Using unique colours and materials can provide advantages such as the illusion of more space and maximize the basement space.

Glass Shelves in Custom Basement Bar

Basement Bar Table

Adding a table to your basement bar completes the space and adds a central area for guests to gather around. So which type of bar table is the best for a home bar? We suggest something minimal as you don’t want it to replicate a kitchen table. Remember the table shouldn’t be the centre of attention in your bar. Think of something more fun like a classic pub style table.

Unique Basement Bar Renovation and Interior Decor

Something Fun

Home bar designs come in all shapes and sizes. It’s up to you to pick the perfect style for your bar. Popular themes include classic pub style, arcade gaming style, modern, and the traditional wine cellar. Each design has its advantage and ultimately depends on personal preference.

Small Wet Kitchen Bar

Make it a Wet Bar

Building a wet bar is highly recommended as it adds a fabulous amount of convenience to your space.

The good thing about adding a wet bar is that it’s simple to install and relatively inexpensive, as well. Some jazzy wet bar basement ideas include single-wall, back-wall, and transitional single-wall.

Bear in mind that installing a wet bar goes hand in hand with a basement backsplash. A wet bar backsplash covers the wall that separates wet countertops from the upper cabinets.

Custom Bar Addition, Shelving Uni and Pot-Light Installation

Take Advantage of a Smaller Space

If you are working with a smaller space, no problem. There are many different ways you can take advantage of the limited area by installing a small basement bar. Here are some tips and tricks to help take full advantage of the space:

  • Use vertical space. Making use of walls and the space beneath the staircase can create the illusion of a larger area. You can install cabinets or even a minibar.
  • Use the walls to your advantage. Many bar enthusiasts often maximize basement space by using the wall corners to create an L-shaped bar. It’s a popular basement design idea that is extremely functional.
  • The more compartments, the better. With minimal space, it’s always best to install multiple compartments so that there’s enough room to store all the home bar essentials.
Basement Bar with Backlight Glass Shelves Rustic Wood Panels

Tips and Tricks

So you’ve decided on a style and want to enhance the look of your bar. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

  • Use brighter paint colours. Basements tend to be dark and painting the walls a dark colour will only make the area grimmer. To avoid this, try using brighter paint tones. White usually works well in home bars.
  • Install shelf lighting. Simple and inexpensive, installing LED light strips underneath shelves adds a modern twist to your bar. You’ll notice that many public bars take advantage of this simple tactic.
  • Take advantage of custom storage. There’s no better look than looking at custom storage solutions for wine bottles and glasses. Adding this simple feature is not only pleasing to the eyes but also adds convenience to your life.

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Getting Things Started

Once you are ready to get things rolling on your new basement bar, the team here at Moose Basements is always ready to help. Give us a call anytime, or visit our website for examples of our work. No job is too small for us! We are always ready to tackle any plans you may have and turn them into a reality.