Basements are often known as dark and cold storage spaces. Well, that doesn’t mean they have to remain that way. With a little renovation, that dark and cold basement can transform into something amazing. Basement renovations benefit the homeowner immensely and are something that homeowners should considerably contemplate doing. One of the more common and profitable basement renovation ideas is converting your basement into a fully functional living space. A basement apartment is a renovation that provides a dependable income and something relatively easy to achieve. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks for the perfect apartment and some great basement apartment ideas.

The Benefits of a Basement Apartment

Interior Basement Renovation and Finishing Project

It may seem like an overwhelming renovation, but basement apartments have proven to provide an array of benefits for homeowners. The many benefits include:

  • Taking advantage of unused space:
    If you have a basement that you don’t use, why not profit from it. Transforming the available space into an apartment will only benefit you in the long run.
Amazing Basement Apartment Renovation Project
  • A steady income:
    If your household is looking for another source of income, a basement apartment is a perfect solution. It’s usually a hassle-free income that is manageable in the comfort of your own home.
  • Increase your home’s value:
    If you ever do decide to sell your home one day, having a basement suite will significantly increase your property value.

Basement Apartment Idea Design

Basement Apartment Design by Moose Basements

Designing a basement apartment idea can be done in a variety of ways. It’s necessary to include all the living essentials such as a bedroom and bathroom, and perhaps a small kitchen area. Always keep those details in mind when creating the basement apartment floor plans. The occupant of the apartment will likely determine the appropriate layout for the residence. Before committing to tearing down walls, always try to maximize the basement space that you do have. There are so many great small basement apartment design ideas out there to inspire your design.

Always Follow the Ontario Building Codes

Basement Bedroom Apartment

Adding a legal secondary suite to your home goes beyond the construction. Before adding the basement suite, get the plans legally approved to save you from trouble. Things to look out for include complying with the building code requirements, following the electrical safety conditions, and registering the space as an apartment.

For units that fail to abide by the rules, consequences include being unable to profit from the livable space. Take care of the legal stuff first, so you are worry-free throughout construction.

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Basement Suite Renovation Ideas

Constructing a basement apartment can be an incredibly fun process with beautiful results. Of course, the results all depend on the proper execution of stylistic choices. So what are some of the best basement renovation ideas? Below are a few key details that will set your suit apart.

  • Let there be light. Basements are typically a dark and gloomy space, which is why it is vital to brighten up the area as much as possible. You can achieve this by using bright paint colours for the walls, adding a basement egress window, and placing bright-coloured home accessories.
  • Section off the rooms. For better organization and to make things feel homier, assign dedicated spaces for each room. Add a family room with a TV, install a small kitchen, or even have a fun entertainment space.
  • Make things cozy with a fireplace. Something relatively simple can always help give the basement apartment a more comfortable feel and also provide an additional heat source. Complement the area with some comfy seats, and you have a beautiful entertainment space for you and your guests.
  • Free-standing bars. Placing a bar parallel to a wall is a great way to save space and makes for a great sitting area. Enjoy meals at the bar, or even use it as a workspace.

Choosing the Best Layout for Your Apartment

Amazing Basement Family Room

The basement suite for rent layout is dependent on personal preference and the occupants. For example, it is best to have a playroom if a family with young children is moving in. Other rooms to consider include:

✔️ A home office

✔️ Entertainment space

✔️ Laundry room

✔️ Personal gym

✔️ Home theatre

Always remember to take full advantage of the area, and to work within your budget.

Other Things to Consider

When constructing a basement apartment renovation, there are a few key factors to consider besides the layout. The flooring and ceiling play a substantial role in the overall durability and design of the suite. Below are some pointers for the ideal placement.

Basement Flooring Installation


Choosing the right flooring not only provides a style for the basement apartment but also controls factors such as humidity levels and cooler temperatures. To avoid the dampness that basements often have, we recommend installing a subfloor over the basement concrete. Some of the better flooring materials to use to cover up the sub-floor include hardwood, vinyl, and carpets. All of these materials have their advantages, so it comes down to your own stylistic choices.

amazing basement reflective stretch ceiling


The ceiling of a basement is often overlooked by many, which is strange because a well-designed one can do wonders for your basement apartment. To give the basement a finished look, we suggest installing suspended ceilings. Other design options can also create the illusion that the area is more spacious than it is, and brighten up the suite.

Working with a Small Basement

Small Basement Kitchen Renovation

If you happen to have a small cellar with not much space, don’t panic. There are still plenty of ways you can take full advantage of the basement. With the right planning bedrooms, laundry rooms, office space, and even entertainment spaces can get installed.

Renovating a basement into an apartment can be one of the most rewarding transformations when done correctly. As long as you follow the guidelines and stick to a budget, you should have no problem constructing the perfect basement apartment. Give Moose Basements a call anytime, and we’ll get the job done!

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