7 Reasons to Build a Wine Cellar in Your Basement

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When you think of a wine cellar, you’re probably thinking of a feature that belongs in a fancy restaurant or an impressive mansion. But more and more homeowners are adding this impressive addition to their home remodeling projects. It’s a great conversation piece, a fantastic reason to throw a dinner party and it’s never been more affordable. Here are 7 of the best reasons to build a wine cellar in your basement.

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Preservation and Improvement

If you have a large collection of wine to drink responsibly, it means that the bottles will sit around for a while. Bottles of wine will spoil if they aren’t stored in the proper climate with the right temperature and humidity points. A wine cellar allows you to control these conditions and make bottles of wine last many years without the risk of them going bad.

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Imagine you’re having a great time hosting a party and then the bottle of wine runs dry. No worries! You can just run over to your wine cellar and pick another bottle to uncork. Having a wine cellar in the basement gives you direct access to your favorite wines without the inconvenience of going dry suddenly or having to run to the store. 

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A basement wine cellar allows you to organize your wine collection the way you like it. Sort by name, type or year. It’s totally up to you. You can even arrange the wines by the order in which you want to drink them, storing wines for a special occasion in a particular spot.

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Improved Expertise

Are you looking to become a wine expert or sommelier? Building a wine cellar in your basement with direct access to the product will only help to grow your knowledge and expertise in the field. You also get to experience the wines ageing through the years, so you’ll be better versed in how to properly take care of them for optimal taste.

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Buying your wine in bulk is always cheaper than buying it by bottle. If you have a certain wine you like and you have your wine cellar in the basement, you could now buy that wine by the case because you have a proper place to store it.

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Future Investment

Like collecting classic cars or sports memorabilia, vintage wines appreciate over time. Maybe you never plan on drinking it, but in theory, some of your wine collections could double or even triple in value if you hold onto them for several years. These wines will only retain their value if they’re stored properly and don’t spoil. So if you’re thinking of going this route for an investment opportunity, a wine cellar in your basement is a must.

Higher Home Resale Value

Because many people associate a wine cellar with opulence and wealth, adding a wine cellar to your basement can only serve to increase the value of your home. This status symbol could go a long way in enticing prospective buyers to make a generous bid on your property when it’s time to sell.

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