6 Tips to Successfully Paint Your Basement

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It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do to brighten up a basement. Far too many homeowners neglect this space and simply rely on their basement for storage and maybe a laundry room.

But adding some colour to the walls, floors, and even the ceiling can change the entire space in your basement. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your basement with very little effort.

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Use Light Coloured Paint

If you’re trying to decide on what basement wall colours you’d like to incorporate, keep in mind that lighter colours will make it appear larger. This is perfect if you have low ceilings or a smaller space. 

Lighter paint also works great near a window. If there is already some natural light, this will make the space much brighter and seem much larger.

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Choose Rich Colours 

Basement paint can also be rich in colour to give the space depth and texture. Choose warm, earthy colours like brown, green, or grey to add a warm and cozy feeling. 

Dark and rich blues can also work in the basement. It’s also easy to accent around the walls with a lighter trim and mix and match with furniture and other accessories so it stands out more.

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Don’t Forget the Lighting

Adding more light can also help to make the space seem higher, bigger, and cozier. Think about a few floor or table lamps, recess lighting, or track lighting. Light up darker corners or awkward spaces under the stairs to give your basement warmth and make it appear bigger.

This is an easy way to help enhance the basement wall colours and make the space more livable. Basements tend to be dark so a few extra lights will make a big difference.

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Don’t Use Too Many Colours

Don’t overpower the space with too many colours. One main colour and one for an accent wall is more than enough. Using too many different colours in one space can make it seem too busy and crowded. 

Use other colours for trim and accessories to make the room whole. If there are too many colours or designs going on at once, it can be difficult to know where to look. Stick to a simple design.

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Use a Glossy Finish

The best paint for basement walls is a gloss paint. This type of paint is better in protecting against moisture buildup and other stains. It’s also easy to keep clean and maintain. 

Gloss paint also reflects the light better than matte paint, and gives extra shine and texture to a space. It’s best to hire a professional painter if you choose a gloss paint finish.

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Find Complementary Colours

You want to use colours that are not too similar to each other. This helps to give your basement a vibrant look and will give it depth and texture.

It’s never a good idea to choose colours that are too close to each other as they can blend together.

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