5 Ways to Transform Your Basement Bathroom

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Renovating a basement bathroom can be a little overwhelming, but there are a few different options to explore if you’re hoping to truly transform the basement bathroom in your home. If you’re looking for some one-of-a-kind basement bathroom ideas, look no further! These 5 tips will help you create a functional and stylish space.

Choose Dramatic Wallpaper

A bathroom located in the basement can still have all the luxurious design details. Consider an eye-catching wallpaper for your basement bathroom. Compliment the flooring and beautiful amenities with the aid of traditional patterned wallpaper that features rich colours.

This is a great avenue to explore if you’re hoping to inject some warmth and sophistication into a space.

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Use Graphic Tile in Your Basement Bathroom

Nothing helps update a space like a graphic tile. Contrasting light-coloured tiles with rich, dark grout is a great way to make the room feel larger, while also making the floor stand out and the room pop.

Conversely, you can also contrast dark tiles with light-coloured grout, but this style would not be recommended if you’re outfitting a smaller space. 

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Go With a Beach Theme

There are a number of fun themes you can explore when planning your basement bathroom design. For instance, a beach theme offers a number of different style options to explore.

You can incorporate wooden board wainscotting to resemble old wooden ships, while anchors, ship wheels and portholes make for fun design ideas to incorporate as mirrors or art.

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Choose a Bright, Contemporary Style

Regardless of what style you choose when it comes to decorating your basement bathroom, one thing that’s important is selecting a contemporary style that brightens the room as basement bathrooms have little to no natural light. Dark colours will make the space feel smaller and darker.

Bright colours will allow the space to feel larger and you can even add LED lighting in the shower and above the sink to introduce some light into the space. A nice large mirror will also help make the room feel larger and brighter.

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Mix Marble in Your Basement Bathroom

Never underestimate the power of marble, even in a smaller basement bathroom that doesn’t see as much use as other rooms in the home. Marble tiles in the floor and shower instantly inject luxury into the space.

This natural stone is durable and easy to keep clean. You can even add a marble countertop to the bathroom vanity – because after all, there is no such thing as too much marble!

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Basement bathroom ideas are truly endless, and there is no wrong way to decorate your space. That being said, there are a few decorating ideas that should be considered. When it comes to basement bathroom remodeling, choose a truly dramatic wallpaper that catches your guests’ eye.

Graphic tile and marble is another great decorating option when outfitting a basement bathroom space. Regardless of the theme you opt for, make sure you utilize a bright and contemporary style. For more information on bathroom renovations or to get started on your project, call the experts at Moose Basements.