11 Ideas to Consider Before Finishing your Basement

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If you’re looking to renovate your basement but are low on ideas that you can incorporate into your design, look no further. Our creative experts have assembled a number of interesting and unique basement ideas that you can use when planning your next basement renovation. Take a look at what we think are 11 amazing ideas you simply have to see before finishing or renovating your basement!

Basement Wine Cellar - Basement Renovation by Moose Basements

Splurge on A Wine Cellar

Are you a wine enthusiast, or simply want space to store your collection of vintages? A glass wine cellar can be a uniquely sophisticated and useful addition to your basement, and you don’t need to allocate much space to make it possible. In the size of a small bathroom, you can construct a sleek, sophisticated room that will showcase and protect your collection of reds and whites.

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Amazing Family Room Remodeling in The Basement

Use the Full Potential of Built-In Furniture

Smaller basement spaces might require some careful planning and consideration. To maximize space and attain a smooth, classic look, consider purchasing built-in furniture such as television cabinets and closets to add in storage, maximize décor and showcase your stylistic flair.

Brick Wall Installation in Finished Basement King City

Mix High and Low Fashion

An excellent trend in design today is mixing elements of unfinished with finished to create a uniquely blended and original interior. Leave an exposed brick wall or ceiling, or cover an unfinished floor with a placement carpet to create an inexpensive yet bold design statement.

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Carpet or Carpet Tiles Are in Again

When you think of carpets in the basement you think of your grandparent’s home, but that’s no longer the case. Carpet or carpet tile is an inexpensive yet highly versatile flooring option for basements, which can create additional warmth and better help insulate your renovated area. Opt for soft shades and pair them with bold furniture to fully maximize your inexpensive and creative flooring.

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Luxury Stair Design in Custom Home Renovation

Engage in Creative Storage Options

Use the area under the stairs, in nooks and crannies, and maximize the storage space in creative ways. When creating extra storage, remember to allocate enough room for whatever interior you want to create.

Amazing Kids Room in The Basement

Build Your Kids a Playroom

Whether they’re tots or teens, your kids will benefit from having their own spot in the house, and so will you. Use the area under the stairs as a playhouse for your toddlers, or use that extra bedroom space as your older kid’s personal clubhouse.

Home Basement Theatre - Basement Refacing Ideas

Custom Furniture Can Be the Easiest Way to Plan Smart

While custom furniture is expensive, with smaller spaces it can help maximize how much you can fit into an area. For example, a custom-made table will fit easily into a small nook where a store-bought one will look strange, and awkward.

Classic Style Basement Design by Moose Basements

Fashionable Brick and Stone Walls

Brick and stone are making a comeback in design, and it’s time to use this new trend to your advantage by incorporating rustic design in your basement reno.

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Home Theater in The Basement - Basement Finishing Ideas

Now Is the Time for Home-Theatre

As less and less people find the time to watch television or movies as a family, a home-theatre upgrade is an excellent way to breathe life into the way your family spends time together. Use a segment of flat wall as space for a projector, or install a large wide screen television and comfortable seating.

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Upgrade Your Entertainment Space with A Long Bar and Kitchen

Find the ultimate place to entertain guests and host parties in your basement. With the installation of a kitchenette and bar, you can create an area that guests will covet.

Open-Concept Design by Moose Basements

Embrace Open-Concept Design and Leave Room for Exercise

Leaving open spaces in your basement interior will guarantee its function as both a place of entertainment and enjoyment, letting you and your family run around, exercise and have fun. Similarly, you can use the extra space to construct a personal gym, complete with exercise machines and hardwood flooring.

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